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Friday, 11 February 2011 13:33

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  • X-Ray(X-Radiation)
  • An X-ray is a noninvasive medical test involving exposure of any particular afflicted part of inside the body to a relatively small amount of ionizing radiation to enable production of images inside the body. The images are recorded in black-and-white on special film resulting in shadow images. X-rays are used to diagnose and plan treatments for various conditions.

  • ECG(Electrocardiography)
  • Electrocardiograph tests are noninvasive tests involving the use of the electrocardiogram to evaluate and detect electrical activity generated by the heart during each heart beat either at rest or with activity. It is the best way to measure and diagnose abnormal rhythms of the heart as well as other heart problems. However, the ECG cannot reliably measure the pumping abilities of the heart, for which the ECHO Cardiogram test will be used.

  • Ultrasound
  • Ultrasounds imaging entails high frequency sound waves to produce images of the body captured in real time imagery. This procedure is used to visualize the body's internal organs as well as muscles and tendons. Ultrasound examinations are instrumental in diagnosing many conditions as well as organ damage.

  • Echo Cardiogram
  • An echo-cardiogram(ECHO) utilizes ultrasonography in a painless procedure to assess the overall function of the heart. The test provides an in depth look into the size and shape of the heart as well as the effectiveness of the heart's valves and chambers. The echo can detect many heart problems and follow the progress of the disease over time. When a part of the muscle dose not function well, it means that the blood vessel supplying that part of the muscle has a serious obstruction. 

  • Cardio Stress Test
  • A treadmill stress test provides details on the adequacy of blood flow to the heart muscle.Stress tests are conducted when a patient's cause of chest pain is uncertain. Based on the ECG recordings and the patients symptoms during the stress test a physician can objectively identify if insufficient blood flow to the heart is the root of the complication. A stress test is usually combined with the ECHO to examine if irregular blood flow to the heart muscle can be induced with exercise since insufficient blood flow will be identified with the muscle undergoes exertion. If inadequacy of blood flow to the heart is confirmed, a investigation of the blood vessel structure (coronary or CT angiogram) will be done to eventually open the obstructions. The treadmill stress test is a reliable indicator of the future well-being of a patients, thus can be performed in an asymptomatic patient to determine prognosis. 
  • Cardio stress testing provides information of the working condition of the heart under physical stress. A treadmill is used for exercise under different intensities. This is because most heart problems are easier to be diagnosed when the heart is working and beating harder than its normal rate. Electrodes which are connected to an electrocardiogram machine are placed on the chest and arms. The machine records the electrical activity of the heart, the heart's rhythm, and the strength and rate of electrical signals passing through the different parts of the heart.

  • Lung Function
  • This is used to measure how well your lungs function. The common breathing test used is spirometry. A spirometer is used to accurately measure the volume and speed of air during inhalation and exhalation. Spirometry diagnoses condition exclusive to the lungs.

  • Blood and Urine Test
  • Blood and urine samples are collected to be tested mostly after a period of fasting. Blood and urine samples are often collected for most general yearly screening or to assess an underlying problem. A blood test can evaluate how well the heart, kidney liver and thyroid are functioning. It can also be used diagnose diseases such as arthritis, STD's, HIV/AID's diabetes, anaemia and heart disease. The test can also ascertain if medications prescribed are functioning well. A urine test is used to diagnose the working condition of the liver and kidney. It can also diagnose a myriad of diseases and conditions.
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