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  • What are the consultation hours ?

          Consultations are by appointments only. Normal working hours are Monday-Friday from 9-6pm and Saturdays from 9-1pm.

          Note : No appointment required for Fomema check-up.

  • May I see the specialist after office hours ?

          Yes. By appointment and by house calls. House calls only in vicinity of Hartamas and Mont Kiara.

  • Is a female physician available upon request ?


  • If I am unwell, can I still get a flu jab ?

          It is advisable to get vaccinated once one is fully recovered from current sickness.

  • How long does the flu jab last ?

          A year. New flu vaccines are produced in August yearly. It is advisable to get vaccination done yearly to obtain the latest strain.

  • How many weeks prior to travelling should I get a flu jab ?

         Two weeks.

  • If a female foreign worker is having menstruation, is it possible to proceed with the medical check-up, or if not how long after should medical check-up be postponed ?

          Preferably check-up's should be done a week after menstruation ends.